Food for health

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Psychologist Abraham Maslow created Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which states that the basic fundamental needs are our Physiological needs. Without these, we cannot progress to the next stages of the pyramid which includes self-actualisation, self-esteem, love and more.

Part of our fundamental needs, of course, include having sufficient food and water. The wonderful thing is that we can manipulate what we eat to have better health, both physically and mentally. I view this in three forms:

  • healthy nutritional food: to feed and nourish your body’s cells
  • feel-good food: which includes indulgent, naughty food in moderation to nourish your self-care
  • A combination of the two: healthy nutritional food which you love and are excited to eat – the ideal

I am a health-conscious person and I see food as modulators. This means that I believe that literally everything you put into your body will have either a positive or negative affect on your cells, metabolism, microbiome etc. So, it is very important to nourish your body with the good stuff, but I also believe in the power of a good cheesecake in moderation. And that’s the key really – in moderation.

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When is comes to naughty food which brings you joy, moderation is key.

Marwa Ramsi