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Book review: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

It brings humour in an understanding and anecdotal way to self-improvement making it an interesting read as well as a practical manual. There are 27 bite-sized chapters which provide so many useful insights, concepts and ideas.

Cinnamon tumeric tea

Tumeric, a wonderfood for sure, get a health-boosting kick with this tea. For the health benefits of these spices, see the health benefits from Holland and Barretts (not affiliate links): Tumeric | Cinnamon | Honey You may also be interested in…

Why wellbeing?

I will constantly try to refer to further reading and my sources so you can get the full pictures around the concepts and ideas I am talking. I am not a mental health professional, just sharing my own experiences and learning from others.

Book Shelf Raiders

As you may be able to tell, I love to read and although my personal book list is quite long and usually non-fiction, I do love the idea of a book club. I came across this Instagram account which intrigued me called Book Shelf Raiders. What they do is give a theme for the month … Read More

Why books?

You ever just look back at your achievements and think ‘Woah… I did not expect that.’? April 2020 at the sweet age of 25, I had a “Woah… I’m now a reader! Who am I?” moment.

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