Information sharing is so important in giving people the right tools to improve.

mindset – productivity – motivation

This blog supplements my YouTube channel, ‘Marwa Ramsi’, and follows the same topics. Looking at ideas, suggestions and theories from great leaders, thriving entrepreneurs and those that are at the top of their game, and experimenting with these on myself.

If it wasn’t for people sharing information online, in books, in podcasts, then I wouldn’t have found the same motivation and determination to improve, and I wouldn’t have had the resources so readily available for me to start that improvement.

There is of course no destination, just continuous growth, improvements and progress. It’s important to remember that every time I feel I have leveled up, there will be greater challenges and tasks. And sometimes, yes I take steps “back” – usually due to mental or physical health – and that’s okay.

The blog is currently a work-in-progress but nonetheless, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it and that it is of value to you. Please feel free to connect with me on social media and message me any suggestions of topics you would like to hear about.