Love yourself… or else (You are a Badass by Jen Sincero)

If you have already read my review of this book here, you will know that I love it.

The book holds plenty of practical applications for the self-help concepts which are discussed. And each set of practical application ends with a reminder to LOVE YOURSELF.

I enjoyed these constant reminders and also how it related to eacg chapter. Of course, within context, they have so much more impact but here they are:

LOVE YOURSELF… because it’s the Holy Grail of happiness

LOVE YOURSELF… no matter what anyone thinks

LOVE YOURSELF… like you’re the only you there is

LOVE YOURSELF… unless you have a better idea

LOVE YOURSELF… and the bluebirds of happiness will be your permanent backup singers

LOVE YOURSELF… and everyone benefits

LOVE YOURSELF… and be grateful for all you are and all you’re becoming

LOVE YOURSELF… you deserve it

LOVE YOURSELF… and life becomes a party

LOVE YOURSELF… more than you love your drama

LOVE YOURSELF… right now, wherever you’re at

LOVE YOURSELF… you’re doing an awesome job

LOVE YOURSELF… and you will be invincible

LOVE YOURSELF… fiercely, loyally, unapologetically

LOVE YOURSELF… you can do anything

LOVE YOURSELF… and you will have it all

LOVE YOURSELF… and the motherlode shall bestow her magic upon you

LOVE YOURSELF… with a kung fu grip

LOVE YOURSELF… you are a badass

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