Why books?

You ever just look back at your achievements and think “Woah… I did not expect that”? April 2020 at the sweet age of 25, I had a “Woah… I’m now a reader! Who am I?” moment.

I read as any other child from the 90s, but when I hit about 14, the reading dwindled and I can safely say I from about the age of 16 I never read a full book cover to cover unless it was a school/university textbook. At least, until I hit 24. I decided to make some serious life decisions because I was just not happy with my day-to-day life. I started looking for the answers in books.

After hearing a few of his podcasts, I bought ‘The 5am Club’ by Robin Sharma. It absolutely blew my mind and changed my perception on reading, I then picked up one book after another.

Then suddenly, out of nowwhere, my life gets cancelled. The coronavirus hits the UK and lockdown ensures my usually busy out-and-about life comes to a swift halt. The opportunity this gave me was to read more and more and essentially get a little obsessed with it. Who’d have thought.

My purpose with the book segment of the blog is to:

  • share the books that I’ve read, my thoughts, likes and dislikes in the hope of inspiring you to buy a great book which suits your needs and likes
  • share specific life-changing concepts that I’ve found helpful
  • grow and cultivate a tribe of book-lovers who are also interested in mental well-being

Elbert Hubbard’s great principles for life

An applicable passage which will inspire and motivate you to live lyfe better, from ‘How to win friends and influence people’,

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