Book Shelf Raiders

As you may be able to tell, I love to read and although my personal book list is quite long and usually non-fiction, I do love the idea of a book club.

I came across this Instagram account which intrigued me called Book Shelf Raiders. What they do is give a theme for the month and you have to find a book to read on that theme.

A flexible book club to help you raid your shelves of all the unread books you have! πŸ“š

Book Shelf Raiders

They just started out in April with the theme of ‘A book in a series’ and now May’s theme is ‘A book with a door on the cover’.

I think this is brilliant because it:

  1. gives you the flexibility to choose your own book rather then be restricted by other people’s tastes
  2. reminds you to read regularly which is so good for your soul
  3. keeps you on track to read at least one book a month
  4. allows you to connect and be a part of a group of like-minded readers
  5. gives you a platform to share your books and reading without judgement
  6. adds some excitement that you get from being slightly out of control
  7. gives you something to look forward to

From those two themes mentioned above, what would you pick to read?

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